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Our History

Ponca City, Ok 1959

The original Blue Moon BBQ sauce was a hometown favorite found only at the Blue Moon restaurant in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Their special sauce, dating back to 1959, would draw people from all around. Lines would form on the weekends for those waiting to enter the restaurant for their barbecue.

Blue Moon Restaurant

The sauce was so secret the owner would make employees leave the kitchen as the sauce was made. Not even other family members knew the recipe. After 55 years, the original owner sold the restaurant. The restaurant changed hands a time or two and somehow the secret to the original Blue Moon BBQ sauce was lost. For those of us who stood in those lines, no other sauce would be able to take the place of this bold, thick sauce. We missed its spicy vinegar base with a kick that lingered, but didn’t burn.

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The Secret Recipe

Years of research and numerous attempts to recreate this sauce had failed to find the missing ingredients of the original secret recipe. We feared the recipe was lost forever. Finally, with a stroke of incredible luck, we were able to identify the missing secret ingredients. Now the secret is ours to share! The great news for you is, we are not going to make you stand in line for hours to get a taste. We now have it bottled for your home enjoyment.

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So, please, enjoy the original Blue Moon BBQ sauce and share it and the story with friends. You’ll find the taste is like no other.

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